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12 January 2017


2016 Sixth Form Cambridge Results

St John’s College Sixth Form has attracted top students from all over Africa and the world. Our Cambridge A Levels are internationally recognised, providing access to universities worldwide. We are delighted to announce our 2016 AS and A Level results.

The subject pass rate of the students who wrote the A Level examinations was 89%. 71% of students achieved A - C symbols across all subjects. 8% of our symbols were over 90% in one or more A Level subjects. 27% were over 80% in one or more subjects.

The consistency in overall results is impressive and a tribute to the dedication and flexibility of the Sixth Form teachers who take on this responsibility, as well as their College commitment, for which we thank and salute them.

Finally, we wish all our 2016 Upper Six leavers the very best as they start their university careers either in South Africa or overseas and know they are well prepared and equipped to do this.

Top Results:

A LevelAverage
Joshua KWARAMBA 2xA* 1xA 89%
Deborah NDAGIRE2xA*2xA88%
Jonathan WRIGHT1xA*2xA88%
Jade KRISHNA1xA*2xA85%
Triumph OLOWU1xA*2xA85%
Sebastian BRUNIDO-HILDER3xA83%
Franco HAY2xA*1xA82%
Suleiman SACRANIE3xA81%

AS Level [NB A* avalable]
Christopher LAVERS3xA88%
Alexia PULLINGER3xA84%
Naledi APRIL3xA83%
Jiaping FANG2xA1xA Chinese AL82%
Alexander DOWNEY3xA81%
Harry STANLEY3xA80%
Georgia ROUSSOS3xA80%




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