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MTT 5:16:
“let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”



To establish a world class academic training environment which is sustainable and which will have a significant influence on South Africa’s English, Mathematics and Science education.



  • establish an after-school academy for boys in the Hillbrow, Yeoville and surrounding areas.
  • share our facilities and expertise to develop teachers and students within our local community in the areas of Mathematics, Science and English.
  • select 24 boys in grade 10,11 and 12 from the neighboring community to participate in an afternoon school, phased in over 3 years.
  • employ one teacher to manage and to provide the continuity of the programme.
  • provide our own teachers and students with the opportunity to contribute to our community.
  • dovetail with the WITS Education Department to prepare new teachers for the profession.
  • provide free teaching material.
  • become self funding through sponsorship and donations within 3 years.
  • provide transport, uniform and lunch for the students.
  • establish a business model which can be exported to other schools.


The St John’s College Academy is for boys from disadvantaged backgrounds. These boys are in Grade 10 and attend nearby schools during school hours (Athlone Boys, St Enda’s and Barnato Park). They attend the Academy every afternoon (Monday to Friday) during our school terms, during which they are given extra lessons in Mathematics, Science and English. They are provided with transport and lunch, and have been selected as they all:
  1. have been identified as having an ability / potential to do well in Mathematics and Science
  2. have a willingness to sacrifice time each afternoon to put them in a strong position to qualify to study top courses at universities
  3. do not have the financial means to afford university courses or extra lessons without intervention

Our hope is that with the extra help they are getting from the Academy they will excel in Mathematics, Science and English, and get good enough Matric results to qualify for courses such as engineering, medicine, law and accounting. They will attend the Academy from Grade 10 to Grade 12 (3 years), during which time we also hope to find sponsors or beneficiaries who will help them with university fees.


We also aim to help the boys outside of the curriculum. Activities will include the following:
  • Attending  chapel services at St John’s with the assistance of Father Mike and Father Ian.
  • Outings such as a weekend trip to Kloofwaters, or places of local interest.
  • A First Aid course, assisted by the school Sister.
  • A complete ICDL (computer) course after which they will write exams, and receive a certificate.
  • A full assessment of their reading / comprehension / vocabulary skills by Sue De Witte.
  • Participation in major events at St John’s such as the annual Prize Giving and Carol Service.


Each boy has been issued with an Academy uniform – khaki trousers, black shoes, socks, belt, blue shirts, and Navy blazer with a St John’s badge.



Some LV St John’s boys have volunteered their time to assist in the classroom with peer tutoring of the Academy boys. Tutors are selected on the basis that they are strong academically in their subject, and are willing to assist others. The peer tutors help the Academy boys during class time with the work being covered, especially during class work or revision time. The Academy boys benefit from this additional tutoring, and the St John’s boys benefit tremendously too from interacting with the Academy boys.



So far the boys have been very eager and have not missed many classes. They all have had an excellent attitude so far and have been a pleasure to work with. The boys have taken the opportunity offered to them seriously, and appear determined to make the most of their time here. Reports from the Partner schools have so far been overwhelmingly positive.



Each subject is allocated 3 lessons per week, as follows:
Day   Lesson 1 Lesson 2
Monday Grade 10 Mathematics Science
  Grade 11 Science Mathematics
Tuesday Grade 10 English Mathematics
  Grade 11 Computer skills English
Wednesday Grade 10 Science English
  Grade 11 English Mathematics
Thursday Grade 10 English ICDL
  Grade 11 Science English
Friday Grade 10 Science Mathematics
  Grade 11 Mathematics Science



Clive Maruma is a delightful young man who started the Academy in January as an enthusiastic yet sad young man, whose mother had recently passed away. He has an unemployed father, and his aunt is a cashier. In spite of the loss of his mother, Clive has grasped the opportunity given to him by the St John’s Academy with both hands, and has been a model of enthusiasm and determination. He volunteered to give a moving speech at our official Academy Launch in March, and was selected by the Academy staff to receive the Academy ‘Endeavour Award’ at the official St John’s Prize Giving ceremony earlier in October. This was a deserved reward for his excellent attitude and commitment.



One aim of the Academy model is to source funding to maintain the financial viability of the Academy in the future. This is done with the assistance of the St John’s Foundation. I am confident that with the assistance of corporate groups, old boys, St John’s parents and interested individual donors we will achieve our objective of being self funded by the end of 2010. Should you have any queries in this regard please contact me or Heather Cooper (Foundation Director – 010 492 0075).

Thank you,

Agnes Nugent
Director St John's College Academy
[email protected]
010 492 0026

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