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Academic Awards Criteria
Academic awards are made every term to boys who achieve an aggregate of over 80% for the term in the form of a merit certificate. Boys are also awarded certificates for improvement each term where they have improved their aggregate by 5% or more.

In addition, academic colours and honours may be awarded to boys who have achieved the required number of points on the academic scale.

The points system begins in the first term of Lower II and continues all the way through to Upper III.

Points for Academic Colours and Honours
For an aggregate of over 80% per term:
LII 1 point    
UII 2 points    
LIII 3 points    
UIII 4 points    
Colours: 11 points Honours: 21 points

As with all awards made at the Preparatory School, behaviour and general conduct will also be considered when making colours or honours awards. All awards are made at the discretion of the Colours Committee and the Head of Academics.


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