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Basketball is played in the Trinity and Michaelmas Terms. Both Senior and Junior boys play inter-School fixtures. Basketball is extremely good for fitness and has become a very popular sport with the boys.

Basketball has become a popular sport at St John’s with well over 150 boys playing regularly, supervised by professional coaches.  Boys play mini basketball in a league currently comprising seven Johannesburg-based schools.  Our emphasis in Prep is one of mass participation and we do not subscribe to the “win at all costs” philosophy although, with the depth of participation, we regard ourselves as a successful sporting school.  The school has enjoyed an enviable basketball record over the past three years with the A teams having won a number of tournaments.

Sport tours form an integral part of our extra-curricular programme at St John’s and tours develop the pupils’ specific sporting motor skills, whilst providing experiences when competing in different conditions, climates and tactical environments.  In addition to the physical and psychological benefits proved though school sport tours, touring also matures pupils.  For many pupils, it is often the first time they’ve travelled in an aeroplane or been away from home for extended periods.

Our senior basketball groups tour outside the province at least once a year. 



MATCHES : St John’s basketball shirt   TRAINING : Blue / cream basketball shirt  
  Blue St John’s shorts     Blue St John’s shorts  
  Short white socks     Grey / white school socks  
  Shin pads *     Shin pads  
  Tackies     Tackies  
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