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Pastoral care

At St John’s Preparatory School, we see the boys' emotional well-being as being central to their growth and success. To this end we provide pastoral care and support to the boys on a variety of levels:

  • Class teachers monitor and care for the boys on a day-to-day basis, liasing with parents and professionals who can assist the boys who are in need
  • We introduced more class teaching from 2007 as we believe this in the best interests of our boys' needs. Class teachers are able to address these needs across several different learning areas. Class teaching is in place up to Lower 3.
  • Housemasters interact with the boys outside of the classroom context, providing additional objective guidance and support.
  • The school's Pastoral Care Team (Headmaster, both Deputies, the Housemasters and the School Psychologist) meet every week to discuss boys in need and to provide appropriate support.
  • The School Psychologist provides counselling and therapy to the boys who are in need of this, and helps to manage the cases of those boys who are referred out to other professionals. In addition, she advises and assists parents and teachers.
  • The Academic Support teacher provides remedial therapy to those boys in need of extra support in their academic programme, and advises staff and parents on how best to help these boys in the classroom and home contexts.
  • In addition, we have the following programmes to assist boys in need:
    • Readers are Leaders software is installed on all computers in the Prep to assist boys who have reading and comprehension difficulties. The programme is used during school and on set afternoons where boys need additional reinforcement. Teachers are on duty in the library in the afternoons on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays to assist boys who wish to make use of this programme.
    • Additional English language lessons are available for boys from Lower 2 to U3 on Mondays after school, at no charge.
    • A new spelling programme has been introduced in Upper1, Lower 2 and Upper 2, based on considerable research by the Academic Support teacher and the Upper 1 teachers. The results of this programme have been most encouraging.
    • Handwriting lessons are run on Monday afternoons, teaching St John's script to boys who have handwriting difficulties. This script is now taught uniformly in Upper 1, Lower 2 and Upper 2, instead of cursive.
    • Mathletics software is available to all boys at school and at home to develop skills and reinforce concepts taught.


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