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Code of Conduct


St John’s Preparatory School is an educational institution where each boy has the right to learn in an environment which is safe and caring, among people who are co-operative and supportive.

We believe that developing a culture of respect and responsibility will encourage our boys to develop self-discipline and a healthy self-image, to respect the rights and feelings of others, and to take responsibility for their own actions.

These guidelines are intended to assist boys, staff and parents to develop this culture successfully.

We believe pupils have the right:
  • To feel safe at school, to be able to work and play in an atmosphere of harmony and co-operation, and to feel secure in a caring and supportive environment.
  • To learn to the best of their ability. Hard work is expected and each pupil will be valued for his individuality.
  • To be treated with courtesy, kindness and respect. Pupils will be expected to comply with the school rules which will be applied fairly and consistently. Pupils will be able to express their opinions and feelings in an appropriately assertive manner and can expect to be treated fairly.
We believe teachers have the right:
  • To teach in a friendly, safe, co-operative and satisfying school which is supported by the school community.
We believe parents have the right:
  • To feel welcome and to know that their children work, play and learn in a friendly, secure and helpful environment.
Bullying is a conscious behaviour which includes physical or verbal attacks on an individual, which hurts, threatens or frightens him or her. This behaviour is unacceptable at St John’s. Behaviour that is dangerous to the pupil, to other pupils or to school property will not be allowed. Behaviour that is offensive (racially, physically or culturally) or that interferes with the rights of members of the school community is also unacceptable.
A set of ten basic School rules has been drawn up by the pupils and forms the basis of all behaviour in the School. These rules are presented as a set of statements which the boys agree to abide by.  The rules are as follows:

I, ________________________________, will support the values and ethics of St John’s by:

  • Being aware of the Christian values of my School and making sure that I apply them in thought, word and deed.
  • Being punctual for all assemblies, lessons and extra-curricular activities.
  • Ensuring that I am always properly dressed, both during and after School and for School sport.
  • Ensuring that my hair conforms to School regulations – no dye, gel, steps, extensions or bleaching.
  • Being courteous and showing respect to those I meet by greeting all visitors and parents and offering assistance should they require it. I will stand up should I be sitting.
  • Ensuring that I do not shout out an answer or question in class, but put my hand up to get the Teacher’s attention.
  • Not making excessive noise or running around the School buildings.
  • Ensuring that my homework is always completed on time and to the best of my ability.
  • Being helpful to boys in lower standards, being mindful of any form of bullying and reporting any incidents to a Teacher.
  • Respecting my School environment and picking up litter.
» Punctuality
  • All boys are expected to be on time for the start of each school day.
  • Boys must be on time for each class, cultural or sporting activity.
  • All boys are to be punctual after break.

If a boy is late three times (occurrences to be recorded) he will be referred to the Senior Housemaster and a letter will be sent to the parents. If the problem persists, it will be referred to the Deputy Headmaster.

» Start and finish of the day
  • A formal line up is held in the Prep Quad to start the day. Classes are expected to line up alphabetically, without talking.
  • Uniforms must be worn correctly and will be checked by the Class Teacher.
  • Lessons begin with the Teacher greeting the class. Boys are expected to make eye contact and greet in return.

Parents are urged to ensure that boys are wearing the correct uniform both when they are dropped off at school and fetched in the afternoons.

» Entering the classroom
  • Boys line up outside the classroom quietly and wait for the teacher.
  • No boy may enter a classroom if the teacher or the classroom monitor is not present.
  • Boys enter the classroom quietly, greet the Teacher and settle as requested.
  • When a boy interrupts another Teacher’s lesson, he should knock on the door and wait for an invitation to enter. He should make eye contact with the Teacher and greet him or her politely.
» Use / monitoring of school diary
  • The school diary is to be available for communication between teacher and parents. Boys must ensure they have the diary with them every day.
» System for checking diaries:
  • Daily Junior classes (UI – UII) to be checked and signed by class teacher.
  • Weekly Every diary to be checked and signed by House Tutor.

Problems to be referred to the Housemaster.

» Playground: before, during break and after School
  • No ball games are allowed before or after school in and around the school buildings.
  • Boys are to play in the appropriate areas: chess quad, amphitheatre and Endean or Mitchell Field.
  • Boys are expected to obey the School rules and to play safely. There is to be no tackling or pulling of clothing.
  • When the first bell rings, boys are to move to class and/or go to the bathroom.
  • Boys are expected to pick up litter before leaving the playground.
  • If there is a problem on the playground, boys are to call the teacher on duty.
» Movement around the School
  • Boys must move quietly and be aware of others working.
  • There is no running between classes or around the school buildings.
» Assemblies and Chapel
  • Boys are to enter and exit orderly and quietly.
  • During services, boys are to be respectful and attentive, and participate appropriately.
  • Boys walk back to the Prep in classline quietly, supervised by a Teacher. Uniforms will be checked before entering.
  • Teachers monitor behaviour during Chapel and will follow up on any poor behaviour.
  • Consistent bad behaviour will be referred to the House Master or House Mistress.
» Manners and behaviour during excursions
  • A very high standard of behaviour is expected from the boys when they are on excursions. This includes wearing the school uniform with pride.
  • Boys are to listen carefully, show respect, and raise hands (not shout) to answer questions.
» Bus travel
  • Boys must remain seated at all times and wear seat belts throughout the journey.
  • An acceptable noise level must be maintained on the bus. No shouting or screaming will be tolerated.
  • Boys are to thank driver as a matter of courtesy.
» Uniform / sports kit
  • Uniforms will be checked daily by all teachers and by the House Master or House Mistress, before, during and after school. Teachers will also check tidiness of the uniform after break.
  • The correct sports kit must be worn for practices and matches. Incorrect kit will result in no play and immediate detention.
  • Boys must change in the locker rooms only (except UI). Anyone found changing in incorrect areas will be put on detention.
  • After sport, the full tracksuit or school uniform is to be worn.
» Jewellery
  • No jewellery may be worn. This includes bracelets, arm bands, necklaces, etc.
  • Only religious symbols, e.g. crucifixes, will be allowed. These must be worn under the boy’s shirt.
» Hair
  • Boys’ hair is to be neat and tidy at all times. Hair must not touch the collar or cover the ears. No steps, dyes or gels are allowed.

The St John's Preparatory Code of Conduct is available in Adobe Acrobat format.
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