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Design and Technology department


Design and Technology aims to teach the boys to use their knowledge, skills and resources to recognise and solve problems and satisfy human needs and wants by investigating, designing, making and evaluating products and systems. These four skills, together with the ability to communicate findings, make up the Technological Process.

The Technological Process

Learning outcomes
In Design and Technology there are 3 Learning Outcomes:

  • Learning Outcome 1: (Upper I – Upper III)
    The pupil will be able to apply technological processes and skills ethically and responsibly using appropriate information and communication technology.

  • Learning Outcome 2: (Lower II – Upper III)
    The pupil will be able to understand and apply relevant technological knowledge ethically and responsibly.

  • Learning Outcome 3: (Lower II – Upper III)
    The pupil will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships between science, technology, society and the environment.

The technological knowledge areas that are covered are: Structures, Processing, Systems and Control.

Design and Technology is approached with problem solving in mind, the course aims to develop the boys’ creative thinking skills.

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