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Information Technology Department

In IT, we use a cross-curricular approach to the subject. Instead of focusing on the teaching of IT skills, we use themes from various subjects such as English, Art, Maths, EMS and History, and use IT skills to explore them. The boys are essentially taught the application of IT skills in their daily lives.

  • In Upper I, the focus is mainly on basic computer literacy and typing skills. The boys are introduced to the Microsoft Office Suite and they are taught formatting and paragraphing skills.
  • In Lower 2, the boys continue with exercises in the MS Office suite. Tasks relating to History, English and Sport are set for them to complete using MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • In Upper 2, the boys are encouraged to apply their IT skills to do research assignments, using skills pertaining largely to the Internet and word processing. Every precaution is taken to ensure Internet safety and boys can only access the Internet if there is teacher present. Thinking skills are also developed in the form of Object Based Computer Programming which the boys are first exposed to at this stage.
  • In Lower 3, the focus is on the consolidation programming skills using Game Maker. The boys are taught how to design and run their own computer games. It is also at this stage that they are taught how to design websites using Html and Flash software.
  • In Upper 3, the aim is to ensure that the boys have acquired the necessary IT skills to help them cope with the demands of high school learning. ¬†All the above- mentioned skills are briefly re-visited, but we go a step further to teach them Lego robotics and Programming. The boys are also taught how to use Apple iBooks.
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