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Mathematics Department
St John’s Preparatory School strives to provide a progressive, high quality education in the key area of Mathematics. While we aim to create a sound foundation for senior school, we work hard at developing in our boys, a curiosity and enthusiasm for our subject. Confidence, the ability to think critically, and the application of knowledge in a variety of contexts is the overriding goal of the department.

This ambition is realised through our experienced, talented and dedicated staff that make up the Maths department. Each member offers the boys their time and assistance and is able to support them through any problems they experience. At St John’s Preparatory School, we are in the fortunate situation of being able to offer a smaller additional class at the Lower Three (Grade Six) level, and two additional classes at the Upper Three (Grade Seven) level. These smaller groups allow for a more flexible pace of work that can be determined by the needs of the group. In this manner, the boys are able to feel free to express their own ideas and ask questions in a non-threatening environment.  Very capable students in the general classes are provided with the opportunity to extend their skills in terms of extension work and problem solving.

The Upper One, Lower Two and Upper Twos (Grades 3, 4 and 5) are following the Singapore Maths system. These grades have been using the programme since Grade 0 and it is proving most successful. The Singapore Maths system is a carefully structured programme that covers the curriculum in a very comprehensive manner. Additional work carefully created by the teachers supplements the work covered. In line with the Singapore Maths system, our boys now use Singapore Online to consolidate and develop the skills learned in class.

The Maths Centre creates a fun environment where boys work in pairs or small groups, using co-operative learning strategies to tackle various reality based problems. The Maths Centre also provides the boys with the opportunity to use concrete apparatus and test their skills on various measuring instruments.

Mathletics is an online Maths programme used by our Lower Three (Grade 6) and Upper Three (Grade Seven) boys. It is the next generation in learning, allowing boys to use technology, which they enjoy, to improve their Maths skills. Boys are captivated by Live Mathletics, where they get to test their skills against students from all over the world. It has the added benefit of being able to be used in the home environment, and assists in consolidating their learning.

Mathematics is a critical learning area in providing the foundations for so many other learning areas, and we enjoy being able to provide our boys with the skills and knowledge that make their passage into the senior school a new and exciting journey.
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