Nine Lives open-air Cinema

Where: Burger Field
When: 16 September, 5pm.

St John’s Rowing Club invites you to an open-air cinema experience - the first of its kind at St John’s. We will screen Nine Lives, starring Kevin Spacey, on a large screen on Burger Field. We are excited about this fundraising initiative, and as part of our efforts to grow the sport of rowing, we have committed to allocating a percentage of the profits to the refurbishment of Germiston Rowing Club’s First Quad.

Food and drinks will be available on the night. You are welcome to bring your own picnic baskets but, being a fundraising event, we would love for you to support the food and drink stalls.

St John’s Rowing Club has continued to enjoy success and we urge you to come and join us at this fun-filled event.

Tickets are available at the school shop at R100 a person. In the event of rain, the event will be postponed instead of being refunded. Secure parking will be available on the bottom rugby fields.

Advertising Opportunity:
Business exposure: target audience of 1 400 people at the screening of Nine Lives.
Cost: R5 000
Benefit: your logo and /or product will be displayed for 30 seconds on a continuous loop on the big screen before the movie starts. The loop will run for at least an hour. A supplied video clip can also be played

Should you require any further information please contact Tiffany Williams


“Part of the attraction is a raw, deep-rooted competitive urge; part of it is the delight in doing something at which one knows one is good and successful; part of it is the sublimely satisfying feeling of overall high-level fitness and strength derived from a supremely demanding sport; and part of it is the sweet sensation of the movement of the boat across the water, the sweep of the sculls, the hiss of the shell, the surge of the bows.

Then there is the added dimension of a crew – an eight or a four or a double scull or pair – the comradeship of team work, the joint effort producing an almost mystical intimacy when everything is clicking together perfectly.”
Daniel Topolski – Boat Race – Oxford’s Revival

St John’s College introduced rowing as a sport 9 years ago. As a new club we achieved success very quickly and have developed into a strong and happy rowing club.  We have very committed and determined rowers that challenge the more established boys’ rowing schools.

“Rowing is the ultimate team sport – through complete unison of effort and movement, rowing in a crew builds a great spirit of camaraderie. Whether the crew boat or single scull is chosen, a great deal of enjoyment can be gained from being on the water. It is a sport that involves the whole body, with the leg/hip muscles providing the main power to move the boat. Primarily a medium term endurance sport, rowing also taxes the body’s anaerobic capacities.” 2002/2003 Rowing Almanac. Official Publication of Rowing South Africa

The Rowing Club presently comprises 75 Rowers, 8 Coaches, the Master in Charge and the Parents Rowing committee.

Our Master in Charge, Mr Rod MacDonald, is charged with overseeing the entire Rowing Club and is in constant communication with the Boys and Coaches. He also is the direct liaison between the School and the Rowing Club.

Mr Grant Dodds is head coach and coaches the 1st Eight.  He draws up the club’s training programmes and allocates coaches amongst the various age groups

Rowing is a sport of honour, pure competition and strong camaraderie. The boys belonging to St John’s Rowing tend to make firm friends in their age group and a sense of brotherhood is prevalent throughout the Club.



“Not everybody wins, and certainly not everybody wins all the time. But once you get into the boat and push off, tie into your shoes and bootstretchers, then “lean on the oars,” you have indeed won far more than those who have never tried.” (Unknown)

Like rowing, the rowing season is also backward! The season kicks off with a rowing camp in the last week of August school holidays. With the new school holidays for 2010 the rowing season will be slightly different and dates for the rowing camp will be confirmed shortly. This camp is great fun and not to be missed! It allows the chance for improving overall fitness and gives the coaches the opportunity to assess the boy’s potential and improve their rowing skills.

Thereafter the Saturday Regattas begin, which are usually held at Roodeplaat Dam, north of Pretoria. This is the best part of rowing: it gives the Rowing Clubs a change to race and compete against one another as well as providing the parents an opportunity to get to know one another. Gauteng Championships is the second biggest Regatta of the rowing season and his normally held on the first weekend of November. This concludes the first half of the season.

The second half of the season starts with a camp in the last week of December/January holidays. Thereafter there are 8 weeks of hard training and weekly Regattas, leading up to the biggest Regatta of the season: SA Schools Junior Rowing Championships, which is normally held in the first week of March. Again, for the 2010 season these dates will differ because of the new school terms and is scheduled for the 26 – 28 February 2010.



“Rowing is a sport for dreamers. As long as you put in the work, you can own the dream. When the work stops, the dream disappears.” Jim Diets, Rowing Coach, USCGA

Training takes place three afternoons per week at Germiston Lake. Buses, arranged by the School, transport the boys directly after school to the lake and return to the school 17h30. At the sessions the Coaches will supervise the boys at all times and work on rowing technique and team work. Land training takes place once or twice a week – depending on the age group. There are early morning gym sessions once or twice a week – depending on the age group.



"Compete like you’re in first place, train like you’re in second" – Unkown

Most of our Coaches are University students who are highly skilled and some have completed at national level. Above all they have a great passion for rowing and are committed to the sport. All the Coaches work closely with the Head Coach, Grant Dodds and the Master In Charge, Mr Rod MacDonald.



"The oars gave me power, but also taught me humility" – Unkown

The school contributes financially to the Club, but as rowing is an expensive sport, this contribution does not cover all the running costs and upgrading of the fleet.

Rowing is offered to all interested boys in the College and for the Prep boys in their last term of U3. Any boy may join. There is no height, weight or any physical requirements. Rowing does however, demand a high level of commitment and self-discipline.

The Rowing Club holds open days to give any interested boy a feel of what rowing is about. The senior boys and coaches show the newcomers how to row and encourage them to join the rowing fraternity.



Rod MacDonald
[email protected]
Grant Dodds
[email protected]
John McPherson
[email protected]




SJC shot to the forefront of School’s Rowing this year with an outstanding season that culminated in winning the SA Schools Championships and then were denied the title due to a technicality.

In August 2009, the rowing club gathered at Witbank Dam to kick off the 2009/10 season with a 5-day Rowing Camp. Here, the foundations were laid for what would prove to be a highly successful season under the able leadership of Club Captain Dimitri Protopappas . . . read more [     PDF download   |   17 KB   ]

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