St John's College

St John’s must be at the cutting edge of education to remain sustainable. While significant progress has been made in some areas on campus, such as the Alan Wilcock Vulindlela Centre, the Pre-Prep, boarding and indoor sports facilities, there is now a need for development in other areas of the school. The immediate focus in on the Preparatory School, the music block, as well as on the externally funded water polo facilities and planned basketball facility.

There must be a global and local emphasis on the importance of 21st century skills, to which agility and adaptability are key. The strategic academic goals since 2010 have been to focus on creativity in the curriculum and to encourage collaboration and critical thinking. This requires teaching for deep understanding, with a focus on enquiry-based learning, maker-learning and project-based learning – while integrating the use of technology. The new buildings are designed to facilitate this strategic goal.