St John's College

We welcome boys and girls into Grade 000 in the year that they turn four years old. Children typically spend two years with us before moving on to Grade 0.

We follow the rich traditions of the Anglican Church and teaching is based on sound values and morals. The children are encouraged at all times to be respectful and to display tolerance and acceptance of others who are different from themselves.

The children are exposed to a kaleidoscope of rich experiences – each activity is carefully executed to ensure that optimum learning takes place. The curriculum includes daily gross motor and fine motor activities, and literacy and numeracy lessons to ensure a wonderful grounding. Creativity is facilitated through drama and music and, each day, the children partake in a creativity lesson.

The playground has a variety of equipment to encourage imaginative play. Our staff complement is compassionate and kind, and suitably qualified to meet the needs of the children. The staff to child ratio is very favourable.

Sue Jacobson
Headmistress, The Bridge Nursery School