St John's College

The ability to speak German opens immense opportunities. Europe is one of the most important economic regions in the world and Germany is the economic powerhouse of Europe. German is the number one language spoken in Europe, with 100-million mother tongue speakers residing in Europe. By knowing German, we can optimise private and business relationships with people all over the world. Also, it is the language of arts and science.

The German vocabulary not only resembles its English cousin, but also Afrikaans, which has its base in low German (Dutch). The pronunciation is easy because it resembles its writing.

Pupils who study German in Remove and Lower IV cover the fundamentals of the language and vocabulary. They acquaint themselves with a new culture in an exploratory and fun way. In this phase the emphasis is on listening and reading in order to understand and to hold a basic dialogue and ask simple questions.

In Upper IV and Lower V, the demands of the language increase. Some literature is introduced and the work becomes more intensive, but groups are small and pupils are availed of almost individual attention. 

Recognition of vocabulary and mastering a language is a gradual process. Commitment to the foundations of the first four years is very important in achieving success in any foreign language. To assist with this process, exchange programmes with Germany are available. Pupils who have spent one to three months with a family in Germany have benefited enormously from their experiences. Not only has their German speaking ability improved tremendously, but they have also gained an understanding and insight into another culture which is invaluable.