St John's College

The 2017 matriculants achieved a 100% pass rate and a 98% Bachelor’s Degree pass rate, with a total of 325 subject distinctions obtained. Five matriculants achieved an average of over 90%, while 31 had averages of over 80%. In total, 80 pupils achieved an average of more than 70%, which is 53% of the grade.

A truly magnificent achievement!

Seventeen Johannians achieved a “full house” – seven distinctions – of which eight received eight distinctions and six received nine distinctions.

Highlights Include:

We are delighted with the results achieved by the Class of 2017. The vast majority of these young men were involved beyond the classroom with their love for the arts, sport and involvement in community programmes. The final two years of school are focused on preparing for the best possible results at the end of the matric year, but it is the formative years that go before which develop not only academic competence, but the social and emotional skills so necessary for young people to play their role as global citizens and to be aware of the immense challenges that face us locally.
Paul Edey, executive headmaster, St John’s College

St John’s has achieved a 100% pass rate and a 98 Bachelor Degree pass rate.

Top achievers

  • 19 students placed among the top 1% of IEB candidates per subject, of which our top achievers were: Nicholas Brinkmann in seven subjects (English Home Language, History, Latin, Mathematics, Physical Science, Advanced Programme English and Advanced Programme Maths). Nicholas Jeffrey in five subjects (Dramatic Arts, English Home Language, Mathematics, Physical Science and Advanced Programme Mathematics). Numan Koor in four subjects (Mathematics, Physical Science, Visual Art and Advanced Programme Mathematics). Ernst Hechter in three subjects (Afrikaans First Additional Language, Mathematics and Physical Science). Merlin Love in three subjects (Dramatic Arts, English Home Language and Trinity Music). Matthew Whyte in three subjects (Information Technology, Mathematics and Physical Science). 
  • 3 Johannians were within the top 5% of learners in six or more subjects and scored 80% or more for Life Orientation. We congratulate Nicholas BrinkmannNicholas Jeffrey and Christopher Tindle.
  • 5 young men were in the top 5% of learners in five subjects and scored 80% or more for Life Orientation. Congratulations go to Ernst HechterNuman KoorDaniël TrengoveMatthew Whyte and Jordan Williamson.
  • 6 young men achieved 9 distinctions (inclusive of Advanced Programme subjects): Nicholas Brinkmann • James Channon • Ernst Hechter • William Kerr-Phillips • Jordan Williamson • Matthew Whyte
  • It should be noted that William Kerr-Phillips wrote 11 subjects, achieving
  • 9As and 2Bs; Ernst Hechter wrote 10 subjects achieving 9As and 1B; and, Merlin Love wrote 10 subjects achieving 8As, 1B and 1C. These results were inclusive of Advanced Programme subjects. 
  • 8 young men achieved 8 distinctions (inclusive of Advanced Programme subjects): Carl Belger • Robert Bromley • Jack Gnodde • Nicholas Jeffrey • Numan Koor • Merlin Love • Christopher Tindle • Daniël Trengover
  • 3 young men achieved 7 distinctions (inclusive of Advance Programme subjects): Mohamed Abdul Gani • Peter Boshoff • Rheede Erasmus
  • The St John’s College averages in all subjects have exceeded the national IEB average. This achievement is specifically noteworthy in the following subjects: Dramatic Arts, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, Physical Sciences and Visual Arts.