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Information Technology department staff:

  • Mr Enock Kamangira is an experienced teacher of Information Technology as a matric subject. He teaches ICDL (International Computer Driving License) and promotes IT as a subject in the junior classes. Mr Kamangira is master in charge of Basketball, and under his leadership Basketball is flourishing at St John’s.
  • Mr Peter Henning is Director of ICT for the campus of St John’s College. Mr Henning teaches programming to senior classes in College IT, and continues to develop our current extensive network infrastructure together with aquila and moodle websites. Our students benefit from Mr Henning’s programming expertise.
  • Mrs Irene Basson teaches IT Literacy and Afrikaans. Mrs Basson is an expert in the use of ICT (Information and communication technology) in the classroom, and assists subject teachers in the integration of IT in the curriculum.
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