St John's College

Investing in sport for the future and beyond is one of the best gifts you could give to the school. A new multi-purpose basketball facility is proposed, which will completely revolutionise how basketball is managed and bring St John’s College basketball into the 21st century.

Basketball at St John’s College has been an incredible success story. As a modern and relatively new sport at the school, there has been an exponential rise in the number of players. There are more than 400 College and Prep boys who play this sport, and the demand continues to grow.

St John’s College hosts annual under-13 and under-19 basketball tournaments, which have become highlights on the school’s basketball calendar. Teams from as far as Kenya and India make the trip to play in the 32-team under-19 section of the tournament. The under-13 tournament continues to grow and will host 16 teams from 2019.

The existing facilities are under immense pressure and the proposed multi-purpose indoor facility would allow courts to be available at all times, with the venue being used all year round. The vision is to have a world-class facility that can host tournaments and practice sessions in one place, providing excellent services.

The proposal includes an upgrade of the current basketball court. New courts will be built at the existing site and are designed to blend in with the current architecture - a modern building, with heritage approval. The upper level of the new development will comprise four undercover courts, with grandstands to accommodate a maximum number of spectators.

This worthwhile development will be completely donor funded.