St John's College

Over 120 years St John’s has acquired a reputation as a school of excellence for music – indeed, the Prep Choir made a successful gramophone record in 1967. The music department has grown considerably in the last decade, putting considerable strain on the present facilities. The department serves the entire campus and provides individual weekly instrumental and vocal lessons for more than 500 students.

Redesigned venues are needed for Drama, Art and Music - with the space to move and make a noise, and a modern, technologically advanced learning environment for music.

We are adding individual teaching spaces, ensemble spaces and a magnificent performance venue of an international standard, which will host the symphony orchestra, choir, drama productions, and provide a regular meeting space for the Preparatory School.

Designed for environmental sustainability

There is a global responsibility to protect the environment and St John’s should demonstrate leadership in this field. There is a potential for crippling water shortages in the future, and the school needs to mitigate the increasing costs of power and gas. As such the new buildings are to be as “green” as economically possible. The design is driven by the idea of “eco” learning being an inherent part of everything the students do.

The architects have planned the new buildings “o grid” as far as it is economically possible. Photovoltaic (PV) panels will be installed to generate electricity for the classrooms and any excess power produced will feed back into the school grid to subsidise power costs. In the event of a water supply failure, a pumping system will enable the use of pool water to flush toilets.