St John's College

An extension and renovation of the Preparatory School is the next large project in our building masterplan. The new block design incorporates:

  • Light and space: to allow the boys the room needed to move and work quietly and freely

  • Flexible learning areas and adaptable furniture: to encourage collaboration, creativity and self-directed learning

  • Cutting-edge technology: to allow for blended learning in classrooms and provide easy access for research and self-directed learning

  • Sta work areas: to have well-designed, productive work spaces, which are critical for sta to do their work and feel valued.

    In addition, a Therapy Centre is planned for easy access for the boys needing support during the school day, with an emphasis on the bright, positive space needed for these interactions.

    A new centre is being developed to stimulate enquiry- based and maker-learning in the STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths).

    Sta Research Areas will be developed in line with the trends of leading schools globally, facilitating ongoing professional learning and active research work.