St John's College

Introduced in 1998 as part of the St John’s College Centenary celebrations, the programme gives meritous boys from disadvantaged communities the opportunity to excel at St John’s. The programme guides these boys with potential to be the best that they can be by providing them with top teaching, coaching and mentoring, and encouraging them to become fully involved in the curriculum of the school.

St John’s College accepts 10 Centenary Scholars into Remove (Grade 8) each year with a total of 50 students at the College across all five forms. The boys are selected based on their academic achievement, involvement in extra-curricular activities and their potential to excel. Centenary Scholars are expected to demonstrate a commitment to their own development; their results and extra-mural activities are monitored so that support can be given where necessary.

We regard it as our duty and privilege to assist these students so that they may attend St John’s College and benefit from receiving a quality education.