St John's College

St John's College extended our community-focused Academy programme to younger boys in 2018. This has given the Prep the opportunity nurture meaningful partnerships with the boys' primary schools in our community.

Grade 5 learners join us on Campus from neighbouring inner-city schools three afternoons a week. The programme is guided by the ethos of St John's of developing young men rightly trained in body, mind and character. Our focus in holistic including academics, character education, cultural enrichment in Art and Music as well as sport.

Our academic activities span literacy, numeracy, technology and in later grades cover the Sciences. The exposure to and implementation of 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, as well as the use of technology, are a cornerstone of our programme.

Our vision is to prepare boys who are innovative lifelong learners that develop and apply best practices. We encourage our Prep Academy boys to show commitment to their communities and South Africa in their future schooling environments.

We are pleased to work in partnership with Mrs Agnes Nugent, Head of the St John's College Academy. The St John's College Academy is now in its 11th year and is offered to boys from Grades 10 to 12.

Members of the Realema Teacher Intern Programme, who are graduates of the College Academy, are powerful role models who contribute to the social and emotional development of boys in the St John’s Prep Academy.