St John's College

There are several way that you can give to the St John’s College Foundation.

You may make a secure online payment.

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You may also deposit directly into the St John’s College Foundation bank account and email confirmation to [email protected] for tracking purposes.

The banking details for deposits from South Africa, the UK and the US can be found below:


St John’s College Foundation Trust

Standard Bank Killarney

Branch Code: 007205

Account: 200303058

Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ


St John’s Foundation (UK) Trust

Natwest, Moorgate Branch

Branch: 56-00-23

Account: 25047701


IBAN: GB75 NWBK 5600 2325 0477 01


Should you wish to transfer funds directly to the US bank, please contact John Wilder at: [email protected]

The St John’s College Foundation operates a 100 Club which can be signed up for through the secure online payment functionality above.

A bequest is a way to make a planned donation while lessening the burden of taxes on your family and estate. A codicil to your will is available from the Foundation Office. Consult your legal adviser before drafting a new will or updating an existing one.

Gifts-in-kind can be donated to the school. Gifts-in-kind could include original artwork; professional and trade services; computer, sporting and other equipment; building and other materials; instruments and so on.

Loyalty scheme points, such as the MySchool programme, allow cardholders to make a difference.

Bonds, shares, life insurance policies, real estate, and other securities may also be donated or bequeathed to St John’s.

As the St John’s College Foundation has Section 18A status as a Public Benefit Organisation, South African taxpayers may be eligible to receive a tax deduction for donations. Donors are issued with a Section 18A tax certificate. Please consult your tax adviser for assistance.