St John's College

The Foundation has developed a selection of elegant and timeless mementos in Sterling (with a plain or black background), or 9ct gold: a signet ring, set of cufflinks, pendant on a chain, or bracelet.

These items were designed for St John’s by Delphine Joustra, whose work is sold at the Read’s Gallery in Rosebank.

Signet rings historically were used to demonstrate identity and belonging to a group or family. To retain this symbolic value, the items are only sold to school leavers and Old Johannians via the Foundation. Every item has a 3D crest eagle stamped into the surface, as it was done in ancient times to seal documents with wax, and demonstrate authority. The inside or back of each item will carry the words Lux Vita Caritas 2016 (relevant year of completing school). Please note that gold orders will need to be quoted for individually as these prices are subject to fluctuations in the gold price.

The mementoes symbolise:

  • A celebration of the great effort, personal growth and time spent at St John’s College
  • Lux Vita Caritas
  • Unity and collegiality towards your class and alma mater
  • Living the values of St John’s: the memento supports the Centenary and Sixth Form Scholarship Funds, thereby offering another talented and dedicated child the opportunity to gain from the tremendous experience of being a Johannian.