St John's College

For just R100 a month you can support the Foundation’s work, and also stand to win in our termly draw.

Over 1 500 underprivileged children benefit every year from the education outreach initiatives supported by the Foundation.

The legacy of St John’s College is the education and life experience that we offer all Johannians, so that they develop in body, mind and character. We also play our part in helping to educate dedicated children who would not have access to high quality learning opportunities, and we work hard at upgrading and maintaining the wonderful heritage and education precinct in which we find ourselves.

How the 100 Club works

Tickets cost R100 per month. Payments may be made via card deduction, monthly debit orders or deductions from your school account. There will be a termly draw and the winner will receive 25% of the takings in the preceding term. The more participants, the greater the cash prize, and the greater the impact of the Foundation.

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