St John's Foundation

Building Greatness Together

The Foundation was established 1985 and re-launched in January 2006 . The aim of the new Foundation Office is to ensure that St John’s College continues to be a world-class, Christian school in Africa, through quality people on a sustainable basis.

Your association with St. John’s College makes you a member of the inter-generational fraternity that is the St. John’s College community. This is a unique and special educational institution , unlike any other. The bonds between the members of the St. John’s College community are both enduring and of life-long importance. With the gift of education comes the responsibility to make a difference for the students and leaders of tomorrow by providing similar opportunities to subsequent generations.

The Foundation therefore invites all who have the welfare of St. John’s College at heart to participate in “Forging its future”, ensuring that it continues to fulfil its mission to be a world-class school in Africa.


  • To implement a sustainable plan enabling those who have the welfare of St. John’s College at heart to make a contribution and thereby collectively realize the mission statement,
  • To drive quality by investing in:
    - Outstanding young boys from all backgrounds
    - Top-rated teaching and administrative staff
    - Appropriate infrastructure and facilities to enable boys and staff to excel
    - Community service and development programmes enabling the school to   contribute to the development of the country.

How can you contribute?

  • Be informed of the strategic needs of St. John’s College
  • Build our network of old boys, parents and friends
  • Assist us in raising funds
  • Attend reunions
  • Contribute of your time, talent and treasure
Every contribution reinforces St. John’s College as a world-class centre of excellence. Irrespective of size or shape, all gifts, bequests or sponsorships are acknowledged and very much appreciated.

Contact us:
Foundation Director: Cindy Matungulu
Email:[email protected]

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