Boys enter Grade 0 at St John’s Pre-Preparatory School at the beginning of the year in which they turn six. They spend three years in the Pre-Preparatory School before they leave the Pre-Preparatory to join the Preparatory School for Grade 3 to Grade 7.

St John’s College is a Christian school and it is this Anglican tradition which informs our daily worship and activities for the day. St John’s is a happy, cosmopolitan community catering for boys from Pre Primary to Post matric. St John’s advocates a code of behaviour that allows all boys to be treated fairly and justly while instilling a strong sense of morality and good behaviour. The school’s tradition of academic excellence is at the heart of our curriculum.

The Pre-Preparatory School offers a creative and stimulating learning environment with a strong sense of purpose which encourages development of the individual child. We aim to equip each boy with the cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills necessary for a happy and confident start to their school careers. We encourage the boys to encounter the world with a sense of awe and anticipation.

We welcome the boys and their parents into our community and begin to look beyond the confines of the Pre-Preparatory School to the broader environment in which we live, living the school motto, ‘Light, Life and Love’

Our teachers are dedicated and experienced. We rely heavily on their generosity of spirit and professionalism to accomplish all we set out to do.


Mrs Jane Lane
Pre-Preparatory Headmistress

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