St John's College

At St John’s, we have revised our Life Orientation curriculum to attempt to answer the question: “What should we be teaching our boys?” 

The answer, based on an answer given by a philosopher 400 years ago, is: “Those things which they will use when they are men.”

As boys progress from Upper I to Upper III, our curriculum now includes a wide variety of topics to assist their development, such as:

  • Self-esteem, popularity and coping with feelings of inadequacy
  • The importance of good manners and social skills
  • Dealing with the problem of bullying
  • Family relationships and the importance of tolerance of other cultures and religions
  • Conservation and environmental issues
  • Research skills which teach ways of finding, evaluating, using, and reflecting on information
  • Thinking skills which help boys to think laterally and critically, make decisions, draw conclusions and interpret and analyse problems
  • Time-management and organisational skills
  • Mind-mapping and study skills to help boys cope better with their homework, termly assessments and exams
  • The importance of recognising different learning styles, and using multiple intelligences
  • Health, diet and exercise and the importance of maintaining a healthy balance
  • Dealing with death and bereavement
  • Sex education, puberty, manhood
  • The dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Effective communication, including the importance of body language and gesture
  • Leadership skills
  • Dealing with electronic media and e-relationships: social media
  • Self-knowledge, resilience, attitude and perseverance