St John's College

It gives me great pleasure to share our first edition of Indlela YoKhozi - Our Journey of Transformation. This twice-yearly publication will update you on the Transformation Office’s activities and initiatives.

During 2017 and 2018, St John’s undertook a rigorous Independent Representative Interim Council process. One of the key outcomes identified the need for the school to outline a clear direction for our transformation Journey.

As a result, we developed our Leap of Faith Strategic Plan for Transformation, which was approved by the Council of St John’s College in 2020. Through the plan’s three key pillars - Growth, Stewardship and Equity – we seek to realise the objectives of the South African Constitution.

In lockstep with the culture of academic excellence at St John’s, we are proud to celebrate new ideas and learnings in our classrooms. Through the hard work of our colleagues, we ensure our students are taught about the many dimensions of diversity, with the view that they will be world-ready and future fit on graduation. We also celebrate our changing student demographic. The strength of a diverse campus enriches the quality of the educational experience for all our students.

The various levels of St John’s transformation journey are driven by many of our colleagues, students and parents. I want to mention Mr Raymond Barrow (Head of School, 2018), who helped pull all our good work together. I thank Mrs Dudu Mashele, Deputy Head: Transformation & Belonging in the Prep, and Ms Noluthando Nkuna, Deputy Head in the Pre-Prep, for ensuring our campus grows together at all levels.

We are delighted with the growth in our Community Engagement office, which offers our students and the greater community immense opportunities to expand hearts, minds and meaningful connections. I thank Mr Mickey Mashego, Head of Community Engagement, for growing the Community Engagement office and, in so doing, growing the impact in our school and beyond. Kwande!

Finally, my sincere thanks to all my colleagues who work at every level of our school to realise our strategic objectives. Siyabonga!

This edition of Indlela YoKhozi is a reflection of 2022. It is a labour of love and a prayer that love’s gospel may be true for everyone, everywhere, all the time. - Mr Allan Magubane, Deputy Head: Transformation & Diversity

Sjc Indlela Yokhozi Vol I

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