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The Thrill of the Annual College Dash

The walkway past the “Boy with the Eagle” came alive with the thundering footsteps and spirited cheers of the annual College Dash. Traditionally held on the eve of Gaudy Day, this year's event circled the Deane Yates and Alan Wilcock Vulindlela buildings in a thrilling one-lap race. Each of the nine Houses sent forth its bravest sprinter to compete in this time-honoured event.

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Percussion Teacher Achieves International Compositional Success

Over the half-term break, Motshwane Pege, orchestral percussion and marimba band teacher, travelled to Germany to attend the world premiere of his double choir work, Angele Dei (transl.: Angel of God), winning second prize in Category A of the prestigious 20th Musica Sacra Nova Composer’s Competition.

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Arts Fest 2024: A Day of Creativity and Celebration

The De Souza-Young Arts Fest, conceptualised by Joy de Souza and Wendy Young, held every two years, was originally envisioned as a day to celebrate the arts and encourage students to sign up for workshops and immerse themselves in new and creative activities. Today it is a day for students to pause and enthusiastically engage in something quite different.