St John's College

The St John’s College sporting programme is a vital part of the educational process. Sport gives the boys opportunities to gain values and skills that will be of benefit throughout their lives. What we seek to convey is an outgoing, healthy, physically active lifestyle, where enjoyable physical reaction is the norm, where the place of competition is understood, and where the countless sporting values are carried over into one's personal life.

Sport is a way of life for a vast majority of pupils at a boys’ school. To compete while wearing the school colours, no matter what the level of competition, gives a sense of belonging and pride. A few of the values and skills that boys are exposed to at school include learning to be humble in victory and graceful in defeat, camaraderie, pride in oneself and one’s school, expressing different emotions, forming long-lasting friendships, boosting self-esteem, and being exposed to different levels of competition.

Along with the values and skills learned, standards are set for boys and schools to keep achieving their goals. These include: developing a sense of teamwork; nurturing a pride in representing the school; developing the correct values of sportsmanship; learning decision-making skills; and maximising the number of pupils participating in sport at school.

Sport will remain an important part of the boys’ school system for many years to come, as it is not only teaches life skills but exposes them to a healthy lifestyle.

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It is compulsory for College pupils to take part in college sport and a wide choice is available. Exemption on medical or other grounds may be granted by the headmaster.

While participation in sport is physically beneficial, it is also important that enjoyment is a major feature. Each class, except the Sixth Form, has regular Physical Education periods as part of the normal education programme.

At the Prep School level, sport is an outlet for children. It is one of those things that for some children can make school tolerable, but for most, it makes school fun: not just the organised sports, but the games of touch, branders, one bounce and open gates. Sport is a way to blow off steam, to bond with classmates, to interact with children of other ages, and to get to know the teachers on a more informal basis. Sport can teach character, but what it really does best is reveal it.

At St John’s all children are encouraged to play sport. We want to develop children physically and make them passionate about sport. The only way to do this is to expose them to a variety of sports and make it fun. We are not trying to make “champions”: that will take care of itself. However, we do want to create such a passion for sport that in 30 or so years’ time, all our children will still be benefiting from participating in some kind of physical exercise.

At the Pre-Prep level, sport provides each player with the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including soccer, tennis, hockey, swimming and athletics.

The Bridge children have a daily physical education lesson which enables them to strengthen their core muscles.

Sport policy

Pupils at St John’s are required to abide by the St John’s College Sports Policy, as well as the sporting and dress codes for each sport they participate in.