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  1. Parents agree to accept the decision of the Headmaster in all matters relating to School organization and discipline, and such decision shall be final. These matters include the conduct of pupils generally, including in particular the matters dealt with in these regulations, and punishment, including suspension or expulsion from the School.
  2. The Headmaster may require parents to withdraw their son with immediate effect in cases of serious or repeated misconduct or where, if, in his opinion, it is in the interest of the School.
  3. St John’s is a Church school of the Church of the Province of South Africa (Anglican). Pupils at St John’s come from many Christian denominations and from other religions. All pupils are required to attend morning assemblies and services. No boys will be compelled to take part in practices not appropriate to their beliefs but will be expected to be present in a respectful and reverent manner at chapel services and assemblies and to attend Divinity lessons.
  4. Pupils are required to behave in a manner which does not harm the School and the Headmaster reserves the right to punish pupils for bad work or misbehaviour. He also reserves the right to punish for misbehaviour out of School.
  5. The Headmaster reserves the right to delegate authority to his staff to punish pupils when necessary.
  6. Permission for absence during the School term for reasons other than illness must be obtained from the Headmaster of the College or the Headmaster of the Preparatory School. Such permission will not normally be given merely to facilitate holiday arrangements.
  7. When a pupil has been ill, his absence must be explained subsequently in a formal letter to the Housemaster concerned in the College, or the Headmaster in the case of a Preparatory School boy.
  8. Smoking, the drinking of alcohol and any trafficking in or use of drugs or introduction of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs to the School are absolutely forbidden. Any involvement in alcohol or drugs will be regarded as a very serious offence and could lead to parents being required to withdraw their child from the School.
  9. No form of bullying will be tolerated.
  10. Pupils may not be absent from games or other School activities without the prior permission of the Housemaster in the case of College pupils and of the Headmaster in the case of Preparatory School pupils, except in cases of illness as in (4).
  11. Sport, attendance to watch certain games and attendance at various functions (for example, Speech Day, Open Day, Gaudy Day) is compulsory. It is expected that on these occasions School takes precedence over home activities.
  12. No pupils are permitted to leave the School premises during School hours without permission from the Headmaster.


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