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Jane Lane Pre Prep Low Res
Mrs Jane Lane

At St John's Pre-Preparatory, we aim to equip each boy with the cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills necessary for a happy and confident start to their school career.

The Pre-Prep offers a creative and stimulating learning environment that encourages the development of the individual child. We equip each of our boys with the cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills necessary for a happy and confident start to their school careers trusting that they may become accomplished, successful, lifelong learners. The boys encounter the world with awe and anticipation and a sense of reverence for knowledge. Respect for others and the environment is fostered.

The boys are guided towards tolerance of time and quietness in which careful consideration is encouraged.

It is an exciting space not closely connected to correctness but rather connected to thoughtfulness. Sharing of ideas and cooperation promotes a culture of understanding and appreciation where all thoughts are valued, all encounters are seen as opportunities to learn.

All children are creative and these abilities can be seen from their early years of development. Children play, sing, dance, draw, tell stories and make up riddles in such a natural, spontaneous and creative way. Creative learning experiences benefit individual creativity, but also contribute to the development of academic skills, access to multiple intelligences, develop higher thinking skills, enhance multicultural understandings, build self-esteem, gain positive emotional responses to learning and help boys engage.

We encourage the boys and their parents to become part of our thriving community and also to look beyond the confines of the school to the broader environment in which we live.

Jane Lane
St John's Pre-Preparatory Headmistress

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Hugh Huggett

Obituary: Hugh Henry Huggett (Nash 1958)

St John’s College has suffered the grave loss of a revered Johannian with the death of Hugh Henry Huggett, an education activist and, throughout his life, a man who followed the principle of Ubuntu in his varied and memorable career and in all that he did.

Advancement Newsletter April 2024

Advancement Newsletter: April 2024

This latest edition of the Advancement Newsletter focuses on the first-ever St John’s College Giving Day, held over 36 hours from 9 to 10 November 2023. The results were truly remarkable, showing what can be achieved when a community of passionate supporters comes together with a united vision.

Mr Stuart West 2

From the Executive Headmaster's Desk: My Reputation

Our Reputation

A famous Rabbi once explained at a funeral that we have two names. The first is the name our parents call us, and our family and friends know us by that name. The second name we are known by is our reputation, and many people, even strangers, know us by that name.

Ben O 3

Celebrating a legacy of music

Dr Ben Oosthuizen steps down from his role as the Director of Music at St John’s College as he retires after 37 years of distinguished service. During this time, he has made a profound and positive contribution to the college, music students and music education in South Africa.

20231109 085807

Giving Day: We couldn't have done it without you!

Thanks to you our amazing St John's College community, we managed to raise R7 058 747 on our first-ever Giving Day with nine ‘matching’ funders, 543 donors and 22 teams from 10 different countries!