St John's College

Applications to Sixth Form in 2020 and Grade 0 and Grade 8 in 2021 are now open.

St John’s College endeavours to accept any pupil who shows willingness to embrace the school’s principles and spirituality, as well as to be rightly trained in body, mind and character.

All admissions to St John's College are at the discretion of the Heads of Sixth Form, College, Preparatory, Pre-Preparatory and The Bridge Nursery School.

St John’s College is an independent school that fully embraces diversity, and in doing so reserves the right to accept any pupil at the school’s discretion.

Please note the criteria, admissions dates and processes to ensure applications are done timeously and correctly.

Admission is not automatic for any child and the school may ascertain that a pupil will thrive better in a different academic environment.

To apply for entrance to St John's Sixth Form, College, Prep, Pre-Prep or The Bridge Nursery School, please complete the online application below. An application fee of R500 is required to access the application form. The application process to St John's College is exclusively electronic.


For a full schedule of fees for all schools across the campus, view or download the document below.

2019 Schedule Of Fees

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