St John's College

Mrs Sue Jacobson

Welcome from the Head

We welcome boys and girls into Grade 000 in the year that they turn four years old. Children typically spend two years with us before moving on to Grade 0.

We follow the rich traditions of the Anglican Church and teaching is based on sound values and morals. Our children are encouraged at all times to be respectful and to display tolerance and acceptance of others who are different from themselves.

Our children are exposed to a kaleidoscope of rich experiences – each activity is carefully executed to ensure that optimum learning takes place.

Latest News

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‘Languishing’, an apt descriptor of our shared emotional condition

"These days it is difficult to find words to describe our feelings – we seem to have used them all up. The floundering for explanations and consolations since COVID-19 hit near the beginning of last year has accrued a vast agglomeration of perceptions and opinions – and not all of them are valuable or true," writes The Revd Dr Jeremy Jacobs