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Mrs Judy Innes

St John’s Bridge Nursery School is home to our little boys and girls in Grades 0000, 000 and 00 as they take their first steps into school.

Our teaching concepts at The Bridge combines the wonderful attributes of traditional whole-child development as well as Waldorf, Montessori and Reggio, creating a holistic and stimulating learning environment for our little ones to grow in.

Using the best of these, we provide a nurturing, stimulating learning environment where play, creativity and imagination are explored and valued. Individuality is treasured, and we encourage each child’s unique qualities to grow and develop at their own pace.

Our teachers are passionate about play, and each day the boys and girls are exposed to carefully prepared play-based activities designed to entice curiosity and a love of learning.

Every staff member at The Bridge plays an integral part in the lives of our children and their families. We believe in creating a strong partnership between home and school and encourage our parents to become engaged members of the St John’s community.

Our school is founded on the rich values and traditions of St John’s College and the Anglican Church. We value community, kindness, and respect. We encourage our children to explore the richness of our diversity by taking care of each other, listening to one another, and protecting each other and our environment in everything we do.

We strive to develop enquiring minds who are happy, confident, and well prepared for their big school adventures.

The Bridge is a special place that provides a loving and caring environment with the warm atmosphere of a home away from home.

Mrs Judy Innes

The Bridge Nursery School Headmistress

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Polar Bear Swim

St John’s Prep hosted their annual Polar Bear Swim, taking to the icy waters of Long Walk Pool to help raise funds for the completion of the new Aquatics Centre, raising enough money to get Stuart West, Executive Headmaster at St John's College, and Lester Lalla, Preparatory Headmaster into the freezing water.

Allan Mags

Leap of Faith 2030

Our Anglican heritage compels us to make St John’s a home of belonging for every staff member, every student, and every family that composes the St John’s community.

Over the last few years, we’ve been working hard across our stakeholder groups – staff, students, parents, and Old Johannians – to inform a strong direction for transformation for St John’s College. Last year, we began to craft a roadmap that would guide this journey - our Leap of Faith.