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Uniform Requirements
St John’s Preparatory School is proud of the way our boys present themselves and their appearance should always be of the highest standard. As a result, teachers and sports coaches will be very strict in ensuring that the boys abide by the correct dress regulations at all times. Boys who do not dress correctly will be punished accordingly. We trust that parents will support the school in our endeavour to ensure that St John’s boys are dressed correctly at all times and that they are proud of their school.

We have tried to make the uniform simple with as few variables as possible. Hence you will notice that the sports practice kit for all sports and for Physical Education lessons is very similar.

When travelling home from school, boys need to be dressed in school uniform or wear a full school tracksuit or blazer over their sports kit. There will be no other options permitted. Please ensure you son abides by this.

1. Logo use and Pantones
  The St John’s Logo may not be used on garments, publications, or letters without approval from the Uniform Committee (in the case of garments), The Director of Marketing (in the case of publications), or an appropriate school representative (in the case of letterheads). Only the approved Logo and Pantones may be used. They may be obtained from the Director of Marketing.
2. School Uniform and Sports Kit
  Uniform and Kit items may only be amended, designed, or introduced in consultation with the School Shop, who will forward all such proposals to the Uniform Committee. There are no concessions in terms of uniform as rewards or privileges.
  2.1 Uniform Guidelines for school and sports are published. Sports staff are to ensure that their sport complies fully with these requirements.
  2.2 1st Team Kit may differ in appearance from other teams of the same sport but will remain constant from year to year. Any proposed new strip is subject to approval by the Uniform Committee. Sponsored Kit is subject to Uniform Committee approval, in conjunction with the sponsorship organiser.
  2.3 There is one official school tracksuit, and only this tracksuit may be worn at school, school functions, and sports events.
    2.3.1 Tour Tops and Tracksuits, where they have been properly authorised by the Uniform Committee, may be worn only when boys are participating in the sport team for which the tour kit is relevant.
3. Memorabilia
  Memorabilia is designed and sold by the School Shop only.
» St John’s Prep Basic Uniform Requirement
1 x St John’s Prep Blazer 2 x White Shorts
3 x Khaki Shirts 3 x St John’s Prep Cream Cricket Shirt
3 x Khaki Shorts 1 x St John’s Maroon Socks
3 x Grey Socks 1 x St John’s Prep Football Shirt
1 x Pair Black lace-up Shoes 1 x Long White Socks
1 x Grey Jersey 1 x Blue Wide-brimmed Sun Hat
3 x White Long Sleeved Shirts 1 x St John’s Swimming Costume
3 x Grey Shorts 1 x Blue Towel
1 x St John’s Prep Tie 1 x House T-shirt
1 x Tracksuit 1 x St John’s School Satchel
1 x St John’s Prep Windbreaker 1 x St John’s School Lunch Box
2 x Blue Shorts 1 x Pair of Tackies
» St John’s Prep Extra items Needed (Depending on Sport Played)
1 x Maroon Basketball  Shirt 1 x Gum Guard
1 x

St John’s Blue Cap

1 x

Pair Shin Guards

1 x Blue Athletics Vest 1 x St John’s Pencil Case
1 x Maroon Rugby Jersey 1 x St John’s Slops
1 x Maroon Rowing Vest 1 x Pair Football Boots
1 x Rowing Tights    


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