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Divinity Department
The school’s Statement on Spirituality states that every boy at St John’s College will attend Divinity lessons on a weekly basis. The focus of these lessons is to teach the Christian faith and morality. The Bible is studied and discussed as the Word of God. In Divinity, the Gospel of Christ as revealed in the Bible will be studied. Lessons will be conducted in such a way that respect is shown to the diversity of belief and background of the boys.

In the Prep School the focus is on introducing the boys to the basic Biblical narrative as God’s self-disclosure and the unfolding plan of salvation. This story is then seen in the context of each boy’s own life, and leads towards the understanding of God being interested in each person, and calling each person into a daily relationship with him. Divinity also then looks at the moral implications of the Gospel for boys’ lives, and also the daily practice of faith.

Divinity is thus part of the whole spiritual formation process of the school, linking to the weekly chapel services, the moral teaching within LO, and the extra-mural Christian Club. Divinity is a formative, non-examinable subject.


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