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Studies and experimental programmes confirm that regular physical activity improves motor skill development, academic performance and self-esteem.

The Physical Education Specialists’ Association believes that Physical Education is an integral part of total education of boys. It provides the knowledge, skills and attitudes which enable them to embrace active living. Physical Education contributes to their physical, mental, social, and emotional development.

Physical fitness comprises functional fitness capacities (essential to health and well being), cardio-respiratory efficiency, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, weight control, motor ability, capacities (skill related), speed, balance, agility, power, co-ordination and reaction time.

Boys learn social skills such as sportsmanship, etiquette, co-operation, teamwork, partner work, performing, following directions and consideration of others. Boys must want to be physically fit. They must demonstrate an interest in health and personal care, appreciate the relationship between exercise and health, and exhibit an attitude and appreciation of safety of self and others.

At St John’s our boys participate in physical activity in the mornings, 3 times a week, concentrating on speed work, strength and agility activities as well as endurance.


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