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Rock climbing is offered only to Lower Three and Upper Three boys. In the first term of each year, all beginners must attend an introductory course in rock climbing, as it is critical that they master the technical skills required for their own and others’ safety before they start to focus on movement and climbing prowess. In the second term, a team of climbers is selected to participate in the inter-schools league, and this team will be required to attend one climbing session each week – either a training session or a competition.

Throughout the year a number of trips will be arranged to climb at various crags and indoor venues. These trips will be open to all boys who have attended an introductory climbing course.

Due to the potentially dangerous nature of the sport, the number of boys taking rock climbing will be limited to ensure adequate control, and boys will not participate in rock climbing without full parental consent.

Coaches are required to attend training approved by the South African Mountaineering Development Trust, and procedures are implemented and equipment maintained according to strict guidelines as laid down by the MDT and the MCSA.



COMPETITIONS : Blue quantec shorts   TRAINING : Blue quantec shorts  
  Cream shirt     Cream shirt  
  Short white / invisible socks     Short white / invisible socks  
  Trainers     Trainers  
  Full St John’s tracksuit     Full St John’s tracksuit  
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