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IsiZulu Department
IsiZulu is one of the eleven official languages spoken in South Africa. It is introduced in the Grade 0 year and at the end of the Grade 3 year the parents and pupils make the decision of taking either isiZulu or Afrikaans as the First Additional Language. The other is then taken as the Conversational option.

 We introduce language structures in the Lower II class through to upper 3 classes. Outcomes of the language are listening, speaking, reading and viewing, writing and Language structure and use.

We celebrate “Asikhulume day” once a term, where the pupils are encouraged to speak IsiZulu throughout the day. Bible readings, birthday songs, greetings and instructions are all given in isiZulu to allow the opportunity for the pupils to hear the rhythm of the language.

We make use of a variety of textbooks to supplement the use of the “Khalipha mfundi” workbook, which forms the basis of our teaching. Numerous extension exercises and techniques are used to consolidate language structures and vocabulary through all forms of technology. Reading is encouraged through a variety of books and newspapers.

 There is a strong emphasis on teaching cultural and historic elements. The programme aims to be innovative and to integrate wherever possible with other areas of the curriculum. Gum Boot Dancing and traditional IsiZulu dancing are particularly enjoyed by boys. Every year boys take part in the IsiZulu Cultural Festival. A trip to Babanango in KwaZulu Natal, visiting traditional homesteads and the Anglo-Zulu battlefields is undertaken during the Upper III year.
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