St John's College

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St John’s Prep boys sharing ideas and hashtags on the #ICanMakeaDifference board

Mrs Dudu Mashele, Deputy Head of Transformation at St John's Prep, reminded the boys that no matter their age, they can make a difference by choosing their actions every day. We face opportunities daily where we can make a difference at school or at home. Together, these actions add up and will make a difference in South Africa and the world.

The boys were encouraged to share their ideas and hashtagson the #ICanMakeADifference board. Their ideas included "showing their teachers the respect they deserve", "letting their parents know how grateful they were that they cooked them dinner" and "showing boys at school that it was not okay to throw litter on the ground."

"The boys love the #ICanMakeADifference campaign because they feel empowered in the understanding that even though they are young, the smallest positive action makes a big difference," said Mrs Mashele. "They watch and learn from each other and continuously think of new ways to make a difference."

Mrs Mashele said she loved how each boy was thinking so carefully about the different ways that they can make a difference. "The campaign had brought a sense of belonging to the boys. As brothers, they know they have each other's backs," she said.