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St John’s Sixth Form is delighted to announce the 2019 AS and A Level results. St John’s College Sixth Form attracts top students from all over Africa and the world offering Cambridge AS and A Levels that are internationally recognised, providing access to universities across South Africa and the globe.

The subject pass rate of the students who wrote the 2019 A Level examinations was 99%. 83% of these students achieved A to C symbols across all subjects, with 11% of our symbols over 90% in one or more A Level subject and 22% over 80%.

A Levels

Matthew KARLSON 3 x A* 94%
Alex ALBINSKI 3 x A* 93%
Ethan FISCHER 3 x A* 92%
Ande DLAMINI 3 x A* 91%
Ruan SHAH 1 x A* 2 x A 87%
Camryn DAVENPORT 3 x A 84%

We also congratulate our Lower VI students, 30% of whom achieved A symbols across their subjects in their Cambridge AS examinations, boding well for their Upper VI A Level year.

AS Level [No A* available]

Micaela MARAIS 4 x A 96%
Isabella HOPE 4 x A 95%
Tristan CROCKER 4 x A 91%
Daniel SANDERSON 3 x A 90%
Lara Moschides 3 x A 89%
Alan PULLINGER 3 x A 89%
Gabriella FAWAZ 3 x A 87%
Zain MOTHUPI 3 x A 87%
Mateja MIHAJLOVIC 3 x A 85%
Melissa MUZENDA 3 x A 84%

On the back of this magnificent set of AS and A Level results, we are also proud of the following students who have been recognised based on their examination performance.

Top in South Africa
Physics A Level Matthew Karlson
Chemistry AS Level Micaela Marais
Physics AS Level Isabella Hope

Top in the World
Maths AS Level Isabella Hope [joint first]

Best in South Africa across 3 A Levels
Matthew Karlson

High Achievement
Computer Science A Level Matthew Whyte
Further Maths A Level Matthew Karlson
Psychology A Level Joel Sheffer
Chinese Language AS Level Hong Chen
Thinking Skills AS Level Mateja Mihajlovic
Greek IGCSE Polytimi Constantinidis

Alex Albinski (OJ 2019 Runge) has also been accepted to read Geo-Physics at Oxford University this year.

“The consistency in the overall results is impressive and is a tribute to the dedication and expertise of our teachers,” says Mrs Kate Byrne, Head of Sixth Form. “We wish all our 2019 Upper Six leavers the very best as they start their university careers in South Africa or abroad, and know they are well prepared and equipped to succeed.”

St John’s Sixth Form has produced exceptional AS and A Level results since 1972, attracting top students from all over Africa and the world. These students leave with an internationally recognised qualification that affords them access to universities across South Africa and the globe.

St John’s Sixth Form is situated on the magnificent heritage campus of St John’s College in Houghton, Johannesburg providing a world-class Christian, African education with single-sex boarding facilities and excellent security. The South African Rand offers a competitive affordability option for families who may be considering a Cambridge International A Level education abroad.

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2019 Sixth Form Results

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