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St John's College brings you the College Classifieds

St John's College is delighted to bring you the College Classifieds. The College Classifieds offers our community the opportunity to advertise products or services in an electronic format, linked to the St John’s College website. The College Classifieds will be shared with the St John’s College community once a month.

St John's College is delighted to bring you the College Classifieds. Whether you are advertising property for sale or rent, holiday accommodation, venue hire, beauty services, sports coaching, transport and au pair services or items for sale, we have an ad space for you.

All proceeds go to the St John’s College Foundation. The Foundation supports the St John’s College Academies and the Centenary Scholarship Programme. Every contribution to the Foundation reinforces St John’s College’s sustainability as a world-class Christian, African School.

The College Classifieds will be published at the beginning of each month with material received and paid for no later than the 25th of the month. No adverts will be accepted without payment. Deadlines may vary due to school holidays.

For more information, please email [email protected]

** Please note, we do not accept classified advertising for extra lessons or tutoring services.


30 words plain text R200

30 words plain text plus image (87mm x 67mm, 120 dpi) R250

30 words plus image and hyperlink (87mm x 67mm, 120 dpi) R275

Half page - material supplied in PDF (210mm x 148mm, 120d pi) R750

Full page - material supplied in PDF (210mm x 297mm, 120 dpi) R1 500

Corporate rates available on request.




Payment must be made via EFT and proof of payment, along with the ad material, emailed to [email protected]

Please use SJCFC <surname> as your reference.

BANKING DETAILS St John’s College Foundation Trust Standard Bank Killarney Branch Code: 007205 Account: 200303058 Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

The St John’s College Foundation is an independent trust, reference number IT 7894/04(T); a Non-Profit Organisation, reference number: 021-654-NPO; a Public Benefit Organisation, reference number: 130003224 and SARS reference number 3006621845.

Terms & Conditions

All advertisements are accepted, and can be removed, at the sole and absolute discretion of St John’s College. Any advert that does not meet the values and ethos of our school will not be accepted. The products and services offered on this page does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by St John’s College. No late adverts will be accepted. No handwritten adverts will be accepted. See full list of Advertising Principles below.

St John's College Classifieds Advertising Principles

The Council of St John's College expects that all advertising in the College Classifieds is guided by Christian values and adheres to a set of standards that will safeguard the good name of St John's College. As such:

All advertising placements can be accepted, and can be removed, at the sole and absolute discretion of St John's College.

All advertising will comply with relevant South African laws and follow, where possible, international best standard and law.

All advertising will be aligned to the vision and mission of St John's College, and the Council approved strategy.

Adverts will be centrally coordinated by the Marketing & Communications Department, sensitive to the intended audience and managed to optimise financial and human resources.

All funds raised will be allocated to the St John's College Foundation.

All media communication relating to advertising will be undertaken by the St John's Marketing & Communications Department, with the knowledge of the Executive Headmaster.

Advertising will only be accepted from companies, organisations, activities and individuals that the Council considers ethical.

St Johns College Classifieds Rate Card

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