St John's College

St John’s Sixth Form is proud to once again celebrate our AS Level and A Level students who were listed in the Outsanding Cambridge Learner Awards. These awards recognise exceptional learning achievement in the Cambridge examinations around the world.

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Sixth Form Stars: Micaela Marais, Raeesah Jadwat, Karla Swanepoel, Isabella Hope, Henry Rochester, Michael Ogilvie, Kaya Borkowski and Alex Amadasum.

Following a fantastic set of 2020 St John’s Sixth Form Cambridge results, a number of our students featured in the Best in South Africa and High Achievement categories in their AS and A Level examinations.

We are particularly proud of Micaela Marais, who achieved the best marks in South Africa across her three A Level subjects, making her the top A Level student in South Africa.

“These awards are a recognition of these students’ ability and motivation, and we celebrate and acknowledge their commitment to excellence. We also celebrate and acknowledge our excellent teachers for the dedication and expertise they offer our students, enabling success for all,” said Mrs Kate Byrne, Head of St John’s Sixth Form



AS Level

Chemistry: Raeesah Jadwat

A Level

Afrikaans: Karla Swanepoel

Mathematics: Micaela Marais (98%)

Physics: Isabella Hope (97%)

High Achievements:

AS Level

Further Mathematics: Isabella Hope

A Level

French: Henry Rochester

Geography: Michael Ogilvie

History: Kaya Borkowski (92%)

English Literature: Alex Amadasum (94%)

Best in South Africa Across Three A Level Subjects:

Micaela Marais: Mathematics, Physics, Further Mathematics