St John's College

St John’s Sixth Form is proud to present another exceptional set of Cambridge AS and A Level results and to congratulate our top achievers in the November 2023 examinations.

“Today, we celebrate the remarkable academic performance of our Sixth Form students whose journey has been championed by an expert team of devoted teachers,” said Paul Emant, Head of St John’s Sixth Form. “The accomplishments of these young men and women are a source of great pride for themselves, their parents, their teachers and the greater St John’s community."


Zacharias Onyejiaka 3 x A* / 96%

Jianqiao Song 4 x A* / 93%

James Barret 3 x A* / 1 x A / 92%

Ya Qi Wang 2 x A* /2 x A / 92%

Yu Tang Shan 2 x A* / 2 x A / 90%

Berlynn Williams 1 x A* / 2 x A / 88%

JunHao Chen 1 x A* / 3 x A /87%

Emma Bothner 1 x A* / 2 x A /1 x a / 86%

Jessica Curtis 3 x A / 82%


Noah Jacobsen 1 x A* / 2 x a / 93%

Hewei Huang 3 x a / 88%

Maryam Bux 4 x a / 87%

Eben van der Merwe 4 x a / 87%

Aedan Osler 4 x a / 86%

Lenita Jacobs 3 x a / 84%

Nikayla Pillay 3 x a / 84%

Raquel Madley 3 x a / 82%

'We wish the Upper VI Class of 2023 all the best as they continue to university confident in the knowledge that they are well prepared for the next chapter in their academic careers," said Mr Stuart West, Executive Headmaster.

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