St John's College News

1 September 2017


Transformation and diversity at St John’s College

The St John's community as a whole is navigating its way through a difficult and challenging time during which the school's commitment to meaningful and lasting transformation has been questioned. We have taken on board the valid criticism of our progress in this regard.

As such, we are engaged in multiple and parallel processes in support of a more inclusive school community. The St John’s Council has developed a 25-point plan of action, with interventions that include, but are not limited to, actively engaging all St John's stakeholders, drafting an anti-racism policy, re-examining existing school policies and codes of conduct, providing counselling services for students and staff, and the establishment of an interim committee to relentlessly drive transformation and build trust and credibility for the school's transformation efforts and governance structures. A number of stakeholder engagement sessions have been conducted and these will continue and be expanded so as to allow everyone in our community to be heard.

Members of Council, staff and the College community worked throughout the recent school break to better advance the St John's mission: To create an environment in which our pupils can live their lives to the full, learn accountability, fulfil their potential, and reach their dreams.

We will provide ongoing feedback on our progress throughout the Michaelmas term. We aim to demonstrably live our motto: Lux Vita Caritas – Light, Life and Love.




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