St John's College

Student Support, Community Partnership, Teacher Development

By addressing the problem of access to education through a robust Scholarships and Bursaries programme, St John’s can ensure that any exceptional young person with great potential will be given the chance to develop that potential at St John’s, regardless of their financial circumstances.

St John’s has been blessed with heritage, buildings, and facilities that have enriched many generations. It is essential that we take what we have and uplift those around us, take the excellence of teaching and learning, the excellence of education and resources, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

The St John’s College Academy partners with our neighbouring under-resourced inner-city schools, in an afterschool support programme that extends our privilege beyond our walls into our community. The core of any good education is a good teacher. A teacher’s influence is exponential. Year after year, a teacher can educate and inspire hundreds of young people. If broad access to education is ever to be a reality in South Africa, our most urgent need is a cohort of excellent teachers. Through our St John’s College Teacher Internship Programme, St John’s develops top-notch teachers in the Pre-Prep, Prep and College. This is the most effective way of “growing our own timber”, as well as contributing to the urgent national need for teachers in South Africa.