St John's College

Among the most notable features of St John’s are its magnificent grounds, world-class facilities and iconic buildings. In addition to maintaining the historic buildings that are our heritage – for the benefit of our students and to maintain our position as one of the top schools in the country – it is vital that we continue to invest in capital development and modern spaces on the school grounds.

Sports and culture are as important to the education and development of the students as the academic curriculum. Investment in facilities that support this side of their school lives is imperative for us to develop young men and women rightly trained in body, mind and spirit.

As we face the challenges of today, it is helpful to look back to what we have overcome through the decades, including world wars, recessions, social and political uncertainty. Some of the College’s most significant capital development took place during these times. Our predecessors looked forward with faith to a school that would stand for centuries to come, and so must we.

We are extremely grateful to our donors who support our capital projects. This support makes it possible for the school to balance the need for both development of facilities to maintain our claim of excellence, and the need to make the school more sustainable.