St John's College

Our curriculum encompasses all of the essential learning areas for pre-school children. We encourage social and emotional development, language enrichment and use, develop fine and gross motor skills. We also introduce music, drama, science and maths concepts, all taught through our play-based teaching models.

Social and Emotional Development

Our kind and caring teachers use an individual approach to helping each little boy and girl settle into their schooling environment. The modelling of behaviours and discussions through stories are some of the tools used to develop the children's sense of identity, diversity, community and care for one another. We value the social and emotional development of our boys and girls and encourage kindness and respect for one another in all that we do.

Pastoral Care

The college Chaplains visit the boys and girls at The Bridge once a week at our morning assembly where stories, songs and prayer are used to develop a sense of Christianity and belonging.


Our days are rich in language learning. Our children's vocabulary and language structures are extended through everyday discussions and the exploration of themes. Our play areas present an opportunity for the children to develop their everyday language and to use the new vocabulary that they are exposed to in the classroom in their play.

Fine and Gross Motor Development

Each day the teachers prepare creative and perceptual activities for the children to develop their fine motor skills. The children enjoy drawing, cutting, painting, collage making, playing with play dough, pegboards and puzzles to develop their fine motor skills.

They are encouraged to explore the equipment and materials to their fullest which results in creative artworks that show wonderful freedom of expression.

Our sports coaches visit The Bridge four days a week and present specialised and fun lessons to the different age groups to develop their gross motor skills, including ball skills and core strength development. They also encourage our children to bravely explore our climbing equipment.

STEM Actvities

Throughout the school week, the teachers incorporate a wide range of sensory play activities, displays and classes that introduce and explore concepts of number and science. The aim is to inspire curiosity and a love of learning and exploring.

Book and Puzzle Library

The children take books and puzzles home from the library twice a week. They are exposed to the rich world of literacy as they choose from our wide range of books on offer. We also have a carefully graded puzzle library for them to enjoy building at home.


Throughout the day teachers use rhyme and song to explore our different themes and encourage a love of music. Once a week the children visit a specialist music teacher where they are exposed to a range of musical instruments and can participate in 'movement to music' lessons.

Extra-Mural Activities

We have a range of extra-mural activities available at The Bridge. These include Gymkidz, Tumbling Tigerz, tennis, ballet, judo, soccer, and swimming. These are offered either during school morning or straight after school.