St John's College

Matthew Wong
Head of art at St John's College, Belinda Donnelly stands with matriculant Matthew Wong, who won the 2018 Gauteng Schools Art and Design Awards Exhibition, and art teacher, Jaco van den Heever. Photos: Sarah Koning

HOUGHTON – St John’s matriculant, Matthew Wong receives first place at the 2018 Gauteng Schools Art and Design Awards.

St John’s College is incredibly proud of matriculant Matthew Wong (18) who was the overall winner at the Gauteng Schools Art and Design Awards exhibition hosted by the University of Johannesburg (UJ).

Students produced work around the theme, Out of Place for the 2018 exhibition. Matthew produced artwork depicting nature, which is out of place in the man-made technological world that we live in, playing on the fact that humankind still mimics nature.

His artwork plays on the fact that cell towers are disguised as trees. The signals given off from these towers, emit a hexagonal shape, similar to that of a beehive.

Interestingly, the signals also disturb the migration of bees.

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