St John's College

Catering Staff Tea 2
The Clayton gents with the St John's College catering team

Clayton House has embarked on a campaign over the past few weeks to encourage their young men to acknowledge and show appreciation for the members of staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes to improve our lives at the College, especially the unheralded support staff.

We have talked about respect, connecting as people, and creating a space and opportunity for everybody who has a role at the college - whether boys, staff or parents - to engage with each other regularly, and sincerely.
Mr Peter Murison, Housemaster of Clayton

The campaign started by encouraging the boys to greet and get to know all members of our community, but has developed into so much more. To date, the House has hosted a tea party for the boarding staff as well as spent a morning getting to know the catering staff who make sure the boys are well fed every day. Similar events are planned for the upcoming weeks where our young men will get to know the College admin team, the ground staff and Campus security officers.

“We’re all extremely grateful for the effort that goes into making St John’s such a special place to learn, work and live, and by learning everyone's names and building relationships we hope to nourish and grow our community even more,” said Mr Murison.

Boarding Tea 2
Hayden Israel (UV, Clayton), Mrs Maria Bonoko and Ahaan Punjabi (Remove, Clayton) at the boarding staff tea