St John's College

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Winner of this year's College Dash, Kieren Louw (UIV, Thomson) and Mr Paul Edey

The St John’s College boys took to the corridors and quadrangles in the annual College Dash.

The College Dash is a relatively new tradition St John’s, based on The Great Court Run at Cambridge. The Great Court Run involves attempting to run around the Great Court within the length of time it takes the College clock to strike twelve. St John’s is also built on a system of quads which inspired our young men to introduce the dash a few years ago.

The race requires nerves of steel as a boy from each house hurtles helter-skelter to the finish line around the quads and across the polished stone floors, reminiscent of the central scene of Liddell and Abrahams in the 80s film Chariots of Fire. Sporting cricket and bicycle helmets, scrum caps or any other protection they can find, this annual event is a great ‘fun-raiser’ as the boys take on this act of daring and physical commitment.

Kieren Louw in UIV took the trophy back to Thomson this year. Kieren is a phenomenal sprinter having recently broken long-standing 100m and 200m records.

📸 Liam Litton (LV, Hodgson)